Dad's surgery

Well Tuesday this week is my dad's surgery for a trapped nerve in his back.  According to my mom he is in agony in his leg due to the trapped nerve in his spine.  


I was thinking back a while ago to when I was about 6 or 7 and I asked my dad in all seriousness if I could marry him when I grew up.  He replied with no to which I responded "why not" whereafter he explained to me that he was already married to my mom.  


I am wondering now if that discussion made as much of an impact on him as it did on me.  I had actually forgotten about it until a few months ago.  He has afterall been sick continuously for the past 5 years or so.



Heading down the slippery slope

So here I am...heading down the slippery slope towards 40 which by the way is a much easier journey then heading for 30.   I was thinking back to my days as a pre-schooler and how terrible I was at puzzles.  Being the perfectionist that I am I would rather force the incorrect pieces of the puzzle together instead of painstakingly sit there and try and figure it out which goes to show that patience has never been my strongpoint.  But by getting older and getting through the worst of the pain and the fatigue of CFS/ME I have just had to learn to become more patient with myself and everyone else around me.  But I still have to wonder am I still the preschooler trying to force the wrong pieces of the puzzle together?   Maybe so.

Dog Moms are Moms Too

You're probably wondering why I'm writing this.  You see I have been wanting to start my own blog for quite some time now and only now have gained the courage.  You see -  I am rather unconventional for someone nearing 40 - I have ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and am also a Dog Mom.  You're probably wondering why on earth I would be proud of these two things.  The truth is that I'm not.  I am only accepting the fate that I have been given and by that I don't necessarily think is my fate but for now it will have to do.

Thought you guys might appreciate this!